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Technotextuality: representations of femininity & sexuality [01-01-2000]
  Carmen Luke
Haida Luke
ISSN :1605-4806
This paper takes a cyberfeminist position to explore constructs of femininity and sexuality as they are appropriated by and yet elide the discourses of masculinist techno-culture. Using the tools of feminist cultural studies, the authors explore how femininity and sexuality are being textually mediated and culturally recoded into emergent discourses about IT and cyberspace in the 'traditional' textual genre of popular magazines. The specific focus is on the discursive and semiotic representation of femininity, sexuality, and women as technology users in women's lifestyle, internet, and computing magazines. It is argued that despite the overwhelming presence of male culture and male-authored cyber-speak in popular representations on techno-culture and cyberspace, there are many affirming representations of femininity, feminine sexuality, and women in IT discourses that speak to and for a new generation of technologically competent and wired women
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