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Basque radio networks. New sources in basque radio stations [01-05-1997]
  Gorka Palazio
The present article has two objectives: firstly, the author seeks to provide information on radio journalism in the small European country of Euskal Herria (the Basque Country) and, secondly, on news sources in radio network stations. The research affords the first overall view of the real and current situation of news gathering in all types of radio stations all over the Basque Autonomous Community (Spain). The author attempts to explore the continuing struggle over who sends and receives news in Basque radio stations and makes an effort to define the controversial news source concept by his own schema of the waterfall. He goes over the meaning this word has for some authors. The article provides intensive up to date information on the news gathering percentages that the author has obtained in Basque newsrooms during 1995 and the first months of 1996. Therefore, the last chapter is supported by empirically based data in order to identify the news sources which are the origin of the countless words pouring into Basque radio newsrooms every day.
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