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 Babes on the Web. Sex, Identity and the Home Page
Marj Kibby 
 In 1995, a new Web site appeared 'Babes on the Web', it was the creation of Robert Toups and it featured a list of women who had Web pages that included a personal photograph. Toups rated them on a scale of one to four on the basis of the appeal their image had for him. His rating system is totally subjective and he is proud of being a chauvinist pig as he himself explained. Toups published the list. He certainly expected controversy, advising the offended to complain before the National Organisation for Women (NOW) home page. A number of anti-Babes on the Web pages appeared, including 'Babes on the Web II', rating the personal photographs of men's home pages in an apparent spirit of the gender equity. Ellen Spertus discussion of the Toups page pointed out that it may be one more factor discouraging women from participating on the Internet by limiting the choices they might make in designing their home pages
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