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 Comparación de procedimientos para analizar estructuras factoriales en muestras independientes
Teresa Rivas Moya 
 Over the years, questions have arisen regarding the application of factorial analysis, one of which is its application in the study of factorial structure obtained from several independent samples. This paper presents the Simultaneous Component Analysis (SCA) which simultaneously analyses the factorial structure of the same variables in several groups. Once the items have been selected in such a way that the factorial structure remain identifiable in the different groups, discriminant analysis can then determine the group of subjects with whose characteristics the remaining groups are identified. The advantages and drawbacks of this method are discused. Results are given following the application of a self-conciousness self-report to three independent random subject samples. Finally, this procedure is proposed to analyse exploratory factorial congruence in independent samples before to determine the target population or to make confirmatory analysis of factorial structure in several independent samples.
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