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Quaderns Digitals / Quaderns número 54
 Educational Technology in Crisis
Beatriz Fainholc 
 The polysemy of the Educational Technology field involves recognizing different conceptualizations of several theories of technology and their application to education in general and specially, to education mediated by ICT. The presentation of the historical epistemological path is needed to understand the above mentioned field towards a conceptual and methodological reconsideration of this special discipline articulated by the contributions of rupturistic theorists in order to reach a critical theory of technology and a revision of its field. We do not agree with the “instrumentalism and neutrality” of technology when stating that the “technological rationality” should be transformed into a “communicative and political rationality ” as a cultural scenario of disclosure of hegemonic interests within homogeneous cultures: it is a social debate of civilizational alternatives as formative proposals in a mediated way. Educational Technology as a field is facing a deep crisis within a time of disruption , specially in the southern hemisphere and in contexts of migration (including nomadism and/or poverty). The technology should be “appropriate”, socially grounded and culturally adequate in its pedagogical mediations depending on diverse scenarios and actors, who will select and combine traditional elements to be delivered educational proposals in an electronic format.
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